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The original minimalist sandal by Unshoes

patent pending sizing template instructions

Sandal Information

The original Unshoes design is is the first huarache style sandal with straps and knotless attachment. The Wokova sandal design was inspired by the Tarahumara running sandals, but still offers the benefits of contemporary sport sandals. This simple design allows for easy adjustments and can be slipped on and off while still offering a stable fit. It offers a 6 or 8mm ultra lightweight sole.

*Please note that we have just switched new soles. The new tread is as pictured below. We will update images as soon as possible!

new sole tread unshoes

Cork Footbed:
The cork footbed is made with ground cork mixed with a polymer base. It is good for wet conditions. For some people, contact with raw rubber can cause a reaction which increases sweat. Cork footbeds can decrease sweat and odor issues. It does add to the overall thickness of the sole and also decreases flexibility.

Over time all soles will compress slightly and mold to the feet.

Sizing FAQ

How close should the strap attachment marks from the template be to my foot?
Your feet should be very close to the strap attachment marks if not overlapping. If there is too much room between your foot and the edge of the sandal then the fit will be loose and not secure.

How much room should I leave between my toes and the edge of the template?
The final sole shape of your sandal will be the same as the template (although there may be some very slight variations). The amount of excess sole is ultimately up to your own personal preference. However, we recommend that your toes are comfortably positioned within the sole outline and that there is not more than an inch of space in front of your toes. Too much excess sole can cause the front of the sole to catch and cause tripping.

What if I can see more than one numbers between my toes? How should I choose one?
You should stand on the sole template and position your foot as you would like it to fit. Make sure you are not standing on the strap attachment points as indicated above. Take a pencil and place a mark between your toes, all the way back against your foot where the toes connect. You can then remove your foot from the template and see what number correlates closest to the dot you made. You can double check that number by placing the tip of the pencil on the dot and then placing your foot back on the template with the pencil between your toes as if it were the toe strap.

I have a commonly shaped foot and I don't want to bother with printing templates. Can I get a standard size?
Yes, under the template and toe strap number drop down menus you have the option to choose "STANDARD". We will construct your sandal with the most common template and toe strap number.




RETURN/REFUND POLICY: Sandals purchased with template and standard sizing can be returned for refund or replacement only if they are in new condition. Products showing wear and tear will not be accepted. No returns are accepted for custom sized sandals. Customers are responsible for all return postage. Sandals based on tracings cannot be returned.

WARRANTY: If your sandals break down due to any manufacturing defect or other error on our part they may be returned for repair/replacement free of charge. This warranty does not cover any damage outside of normal wear. If it appears that the sandals were neglected, abused, or otherwise used inappropriately, we reserve the right to void warranty. In the case that your sandals are not covered by the warranty, we can still repair them for a nominal charge to cover costs. Customers are responsible for return postage.

PRIVACY POLICY: We take your privacy seriously. We collect only enough information necessary for you to make a secure payment. We will never sell your personal information. Transactions are secured by SSL security.

Locate your shoe size on the chart on the right hand side of the page. Click to download the files in either standard US Letter or A4 size paper.
Our patent pending, semi-custom sizing system has eight different sole shapes. Scroll down to view all the different templates. Choose the template that best fits your foot shape. Template files are available for both left and right feet.
Print the template to confirm that the size is as you like it. Make sure that the page scaling is set to “none” in the print dialoge box.Stand on the printout and use a pen or pencil to mark between your toes. Choose a point for the toe strap placement which gives your foot optimal positioning on the sole.
Strap Color:





Toe Strap Location:

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Please be aware that due to the nature of handmade footwear, our turnaround time is about three weeks.

  US Letter A4
Women's 5
Women's 5.5
Women's 6
Women's 6.5
Women's 7/Men's 6
Women's 7.5
Women's 8/Men's 6.5
Women's 8.5/Men's 7
Men's 7.5
Women's 9/Men's 8
Women's 9.5/Men's 8.5
Women's 10/Men's 9
Men's 9.5
Women's 10.5
Women's 11/Men's 10
Men's 10.5
Women's 11.5
Women's 12/Men's 11
Men's 11.5
Men's 12
Men's 13 (Legal)
If you need a size larger than Men's 13 please select "custom" and contact us for more information.