Please be aware that due to materials shortages, new suppliers, and high demand, our current turnaround time is 3-4 weeks.



Do you love your Unshoes? Do you tell people about them all the time? Would you like the best deals available plus a free pair? If so, then you might be a good cantidate for our ambassador program! See below to apply.

Ambassadors are representatives for Unshoes. They should already be very familiar with our sandals and our values as a company. Some of the requirements including posting relevant content on social media at least once a month, displaying a provided vinyl decal of our logo on your vehicle or other prominent location, being active in your specific field of expertise, etc. In return you get a free pair of shoes or sandals, 40% off any additional shoes or sandals you want to purchase, and some other free swag! Ambassadors get access to exclusive news including new products we're working on and they are our go to group for product testing!