Our mission at Unshoes is simple. Each day we are bombarded with subtle messages that imply that we are not good enough. There is a never ending supply of products that are promoted as a way to out perform your natural ability. Many people have begun to assume that they were born broken. Our message is the opposite. We as humans are functional, from the ground, up. Our feet are the very foundation of our body! Our goal is to empower people in body and mind starting with their feet by creating footwear that enables them to move naturally.


benefits of wearing minimal footwear
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Our Products

Children's Keota Sandal
The children's model is designed with an elastic heel strap which makes it easy for little ones to get their sandals on and off by themselves.
Forager Black
Our casual, moccasin based, closed toe model is extremely comfortable and flexible with a classic look.
Forager Brown
The same extremely flexible and comfortable Forager design but made with brown, oil tanned leather
Forager Grey
Our casual, moccasin based, closed toe model is extremely comfortable and flexible with a classic look.
Keota Sandal
This versatile casual sandal is easy to get on and off and makes a great alternative to flip flops!
Pah Tempe 2.0 Sandal
The original minimalist sport sandal without a toe post. Perfect for hiking and outdoor adventures!
A perfect marriage between the most comfortable moccasin, and a beautiful ballet flat
PT Sleek 2.0 Sandal
The same popular design as the Pah Tempe but with a narrower, sleeker strap
Dressy leather sandal with shimmery straps and a flexible, zero-drop sole
Terra Vida
A versatile, slip on, vegan, hemp canvas shoe that is perfect for a movement lifestyle
Uinta 2.0 Sandal
The Uinta features an adjustable toe loop for maximum security. This model is perfect for water adventures, hiking, and any outdoor adventures!
Wokova Feather Sandal
A lighter, lower profile version of the original Wokova that features a high tensile elastic loop that allows natural movement of the foot and security
Wokova Sandal
This is our original design that was inspired by classic hurache sandals from the Tarahumara natives but modified to resemble a sport sandal. It features slightly wider 5/8" straps and fast, easy adjustment system