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I love adventures! I love being in nature! It is grounding, soothing to the soul, and having just a little additional physical exertion and maybe just a little bit of calculated risk involved helps my brain reset and let go of stress and worry.
The problem is. I’m busy. I hate that I am, and I don’t want to be busy all the time, but I am. It seems that I go to work, and I have a goal, but then other things pop up, and people need things, and because I own two businesses, it is even worse. Then I feel like I haven’t actually done the things I want/need to I have to stay longer and then I often need to stop by the store for something we need at home, then rush home to spend time with my family. We are living on a small homestead so that eats up time as well. It’s all so demanding! I know that I have bitten off more than I can chew and am working on letting some things go, but I don’t have the time or money to get out and go on as many outdoor adventures as I used to or would like to.
Enter microadventures! I’ve discovered that I can take short, little adventures that tend to me a lot of adventure, packed into a short little trip. For example, there is a place that isn’t too far from Unshoes that I can get to easily, and isn’t very well known. It is pretty rugged place and is never crowded. I can take a short break from work, head over there and hike/scramble up hills, rocks, trees, etc. and just move in nature! Then I can get back to work and only be gone 45 minutes. I cannot tell you how much these little microadventures refresh my mind, body, and soul! Actually, I need to remind myself of this more often because I don’t utilize this method as much as I should. It’s difficult sometimes to justify just 45 minutes. Especially if I’ve wasted too much time on social media. That’s one of the things I’d like to adjust in my life. More microadventures, and less social media.
I realize that I’m lucky because in a smaller town, I’m never too far from nature. Some of you may have a harder time getting out to do a microadventure but you might be able to find some places in the city that are more wild such as parks. I think the trick is to make it adventurous. Explore, be spontaneous, take a small risk, and make sure there is enough physical exertion to give you a challenge and help you reset.