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  • Is Grounding a scam?

    The first time I heard about grounding, or earthing I watched a short, amateur documentary of a guy who had a plethora of health problems and then ...
  • Microadventures

    I love adventures! I love being in nature! It is grounding, soothing to the soul, and having just a little additional physical exertion and maybe j...
  • How to walk Barefoot

    Apples are not oranges, monkeys are not apes, hands are not feet, and walking is NOT running! Barefoot walking is not the same as barefoot walking. Here is an explanation of the mechanics involved.
  • The Small Shift that Made a Big Difference

    Sometimes the smallest of shifts can lead to the biggest results. I hope that is the case here!
  • Dé el siguiente paso para liberar sus pies

    Hace unos años asistimos a una feria comercial local al aire libre. Había muchas personas que llevaban una popular sandalia para ext...