Please be advised that due to high demand, material shortages, and other unforeseen factors, our current production time may be up to 5-6 weeks. We are also not able to offer any custom products at this time. As always, we appreciate your patience and your business!

Footwear Designed for Feet

With 33 joints in each foot, your feet are meant to move! Our mission at Unshoes is to create footwear that allows your feet to function naturally!

Unshoes Mission


We absolutely love our Unshoes! As a family, we travel full time in our RV and they are perfect for everyday use, even hiking and take up minimal space. Which is important for us! 

Amanda R.

My favorite (un)shoes. I love going barefoot but sometimes it's not feasible. My unshoes are the perfect solution. I also don't like having anything between my toes I'm so glad they offer the Pah Tempe style. There is a style and color for everyone. Even pink for the girls! 

Heather H.

Not only are Unshoes my favorite shoes to wear, their customer service is next level! They're so helpful & generous! I highly recommend their shoes, I'm not usually wearing shoes but if I have to, I'm glad to have my Unshoes around.

Effie C.