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Al igual que nuestro diseño de sandalia original, Unshoes Forager se basa en calzado antiguo con elementos de diseño contemporáneo. Este zapato inspirado en un mocasín está diseñado como un zapato muy versátil que puede funcionar en una amplia variedad de situaciones. Cuenta con una suela de goma de 4 mm y un inserto extraíble con una altura total de pila de 7 mm. Está confeccionado en ante y es muy flexible y se amolda a la forma única de cada pie. ¡Estos zapatos son extremadamente suaves, flexibles y livianos, lo que los convierte en algunos de los zapatos más cómodos y minimalistas que existen!

Como siempre, nuestros zapatos son flexibles, sin caída, tienen una puntera con forma de pie y están fabricados en los EE. UU. El cuero tiene un período de adaptación breve, por lo que está bien si quedan un poco ajustados cuando los pones por primera vez. El cuero es un material extremadamente flexible y maleable y se relajará y estirará un poco con el uso.

Debido a la naturaleza del cuero teñido, existe la posibilidad de que se transfiera algo de tinte a sus pies en los primeros usos.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
the shoe that changed my life for the better

These were my first pair of truly minimalist shoes, and they changed my life.

From the moment I first wore them, my neuroma pain vanished, and I never had another case of plantar fasciitis. I had had very severe foot pain in my 50s, and now in my 60s it’s just gone. I know not everyone can transition so fast, but for me it was instant and miraculous.

I never wear traditional shoes any more. In fact, my feet have become so muscular and my toes have become so free and wide that I couldn’t get into traditional shoes if I wanted to.

Wow, get some of these! Extremely versatile and comfy.

It is surprising how few moccasins are actually barefoot-friendly. So many have a narrow toe box or a stiff sole. I wanted something REALLY versatile that is a little more dressy, but that I can also wear casually with jeans (or even shorts). These are it! I chose the black color with black stitching, since the other leather colors looked more casual to me. I did remove the toggle from the elastic cord and tie a knot instead for a more streamlined look, which actually seems more secure and and looks fantastic!

Fit-wise, I have bony, low volume feet, so adding some tongue pads and wearing with no-show socks (OR using insoles) makes them fit perfect. I will also be able to wear with thicker socks in winter due to the extra room, which is a plus. The included insole is a little sweaty in summer, but hey, these are leather shoes; they are not going to be breezy.

I have 24x9.6cm (when splayed) Greek feet with narrow heels (duck shape) and I sized down to a 7. My toes touch the top seam, but there is still plenty of splay room, which is just what I wanted.

There is an inner seam in the bottom back, where the sole meets the heel, that was a little irritating at first, but is softening. I also trimmed that bit a little, which helped.

I purchased these mostly for casual and dressy-casual wear, but they are so comfortable, I might also use them as a walking shoe, Thanks, Unshoes, for making a truly comfortable and versatile shoe.


The Terra Vidas were too narrow so I got the Forager, and when I put them on, my feet went Ahhhh, luxurious, like a soft plushy bed! I've tried a ton of zero drop shoes, and these are excellent for my wide feet and they are so comfortable. My feet are 23.6 cm long and 25 cm wide, and I got a size 7, and they fit perfectly, so I hope they don't stretch too much. I love these shoes!

Favorite shoe!

I’ve tried a number of barefoot brands, and both of my top two shoes are from Unshoes. I do have one caveat: I have had to make my own small alterations to each in order to make them truly work, but once made, they are AMAZING! For the Forager, I found the socks I wear are key. I found that Peds low socks are perfect and don’t slip down. I cannot wear these without socks due to the seam going down the back heel, but I wouldn’t want to anyway just for smell purposes. I did make one change to the shoe itself, and that was to remove the little tightener things holding the cords, tie pretty-ish knots at the precise tightness needed, and cut off the extra cord (including melting the ends to keep them from fraying) — wish I could add a photo to show you. Overall, the modification took less than 15 minutes and now they are PERFECT! I have used my Foragers most days since I bought them in December and it is now June and they’re still looking and feeling good. I will replace them perpetually so long as Unshoes keeps making them.

Robert Douglas
Forager Black

For several years I have been searching for a replacement for my favorite pair of "shoes". I had previously purchased a pair of Pah Tempe 2.0 sandals and have enjoyed wearing them for a couple of years, but I was still lacking a casual shoe until now.

I received an email from Unshoes about the upcoming Labor Day Sale. It was the day before the sale and I had a question. I submitted my question through the contact us link on this site. I was worried I would not receive a reply in time to take advantage of the sale. I woke up the next morning to find that Sara Jane had already replied the same evening. I placed my order the morning of the Labor Day sale and received my shoes a mere 3 days later.

After the initial 30 second break in period, I was in love. The more I walked in them the better they felt. The elastic tassel also acts a synch strap to ensure a snug fit, they actually hug my feet. I wore them to a concert the next night where I stood and danced the night away. Highly recommend them and I seeing a pair Forager Brown in my future.

Thanks Sara Jane and Unshoes.


Nuestras tallas se basan en la talla de calzado estándar y, por lo general, son fieles a la talla; sin embargo, sugerimos medir su pie y utilizar la tabla de tallas de calzado a continuación para determinar la mejor talla para usted. Párese con el talón contra la pared y coloque una regla o cinta métrica a lo largo de su pie para medir la distancia total desde la pared hasta la parte más larga de su pie. Si ya tienes un par de sandalias Unshoes, probablemente usarás el mismo tamaño, pero consulta la tabla para asegurarte.

Largo del pie Tamaño del zapato
8,5 pulgadas, 21,6 cm 5 mujeres
8,75 pulgadas, 22,2 pulgadas Mujer 5.5
8,875 pulgadas, 22,5 cm 6 mujeres
9,0625 pulgadas, 23 cm Mujer 6.5
9,25 pulgadas, 23,5 cm Mujer 7/Hombre 6
9,375 pulgadas, 23,8 cm Mujer 7,5/Hombre 6,5
9,5 pulgadas, 24,1 Mujeres 8/Hombres 7
9,6875 pulgadas, 24,6 cm Mujer 8,5/Hombre 7,5
9,875 pulgadas, 25,1 cm 9 mujeres/8 hombres
10 pulgadas, 25,4 cm Mujer 9,5/Hombre 8,5
10,2 pulgadas, 25,9 cm 10 femenino/9 masculino
10,32 pulgadas, 26,2 cm Mujer 10,5/Hombre 9,5
10,5 pulgadas, 26,7 cm 11 femenino/10 masculino
10,7 pulgadas, 27,2 cm Mujer 11,5/Hombre 10,5
10,825 pulgadas, 27,6 cm 12 femenino/11 masculino
11,1 pulgadas, 28,3 cm Hombres 11.5
11,25 pulgadas, 28,6 cm 12 hombres
11,56 pulgadas, 29,4 cm Hombres 13


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