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Saffron en Negro
Saffron en Negro
Saffron en Negro
Saffron en Negro
Saffron en Negro
Saffron en Negro

Saffron en Negro

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¡Ya no tendrás que sacrificar la comodidad y la salud para vestirte elegante para salir por la noche! El Saffron se basa en nuestro popular diseño Wokova. Esta linda y minimalista sandalia es perfecta tanto para uso casual como para ocasiones más formales. Cuenta con una suela delgada y flexible de ~5-6 mm de altura con una plantilla de cuero para mayor comodidad y estilo, correas de cuero mate suaves y femeninas y todos los beneficios de usar calzado mínimo.

*Disponible en ancho estándar o ancho delgado. La modelo lleva el ancho delgado.

 *La nueva línea Wildflower está diseñada con los mismos estrictos estándares de calidad que espera de Unshoes. Dicho esto, este calzado no está diseñado para ser utilizado en actividades rigurosas como correr o hacer caminatas extenuantes. Usos como estos anularán la garantía en caso de que se produzca algún daño.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Loved them until...

I was so thrilled when these were purchased for me. They're cute, they're comfy, and they fit my foot really well. I was a bit concerned when I had to keep tightening the shoe, but I figured it was just the leather strap stretching. Until today when I went to put these on, and noticed that the strap is tearing by the rivet, and basically hanging on by a few threads.
I'm annoyed that the shoe is constructed in a way that will likely make it impossible to fix. At this price point, I was hoping to get more than 1.5 summers' worth of wear out of them.
My hunt for the perfect barefoot sandal continues!

Love these.

The size 5.0 fits my foot very securely. These shoes work very well as everyday shoes for me. I find them very comfortable, snug, lightweight, very well made, very well thought out. I love the quality of the leather and the footbed. Nothing is slippery - which I really appreciate. I love the elastic part of the adjustment. It would be nice if they become available in more matte - earth colors at some point - like olive or botanical green. Of all the minimalist sandals that I've tried, these are definitely one of my favorites. I already have two pairs and will definitely be ordering more.

Taylor Wilson
Not my favorite

There are a few things about this sandal that prevent me from falling in love. The quality of the leather straps is not what I expected for a pair of sandals this expensive. It’s not a cheap leather that will fall apart in a month, but compared to say the Luna Roots, there is a difference in the leather at the same price point. Secondly, the end of the leather is folded in between the layers of the shoe and glued down. This isn’t huge but it is bothersome. Thirdly, the strap that the buckle is affixed to is entirely made of elastic. It seems like it’s going to make the shoe wear out way faster than if this strap were leather. It also makes it to where the sandal has a “bouncier” and less secure feeling on your foot. More like a pair of regular flip flops as opposed to a sandal with a buckled strap across your foot. However, this might allow you to slip them on and off without unbuckling. I’m not sure you could otherwise. Which would be annoying because the strap width isn’t quite right for the buckle. It’s impossible to thread through it without forcing it through with like a pencil or something. Lastly, I think I should have ordered the slim and not standard width. The shoes feel really insecure on my feet with the bouncy thin straps and so much material under my foot to carry around. My mistake. Pros: beautiful etched sole, overall dainty appearance, the fact they do buckle and don’t tie. I’d try them again in a slim sole, they’re still my go-to dress sandal.


Nuestras tallas se basan en la talla de calzado estándar y, por lo general, son fieles a la talla; sin embargo, sugerimos medir su pie y utilizar la tabla de tallas de calzado a continuación para determinar la mejor talla para usted. Párese con el talón contra la pared y coloque una regla o cinta métrica a lo largo de su pie para medir la distancia total desde la pared hasta la parte más larga de su pie. Si ya tienes un par de sandalias Unshoes, probablemente usarás el mismo tamaño, pero consulta la tabla para asegurarte.

Largo del pie Tamaño del zapato
8,5 pulgadas, 21,6 cm 5 mujeres
8,75 pulgadas, 22,2 pulgadas Mujer 5.5
8,875 pulgadas, 22,5 cm 6 mujeres
9,0625 pulgadas, 23 cm Mujer 6.5
9,25 pulgadas, 23,5 cm Mujer 7/Hombre 6
9,375 pulgadas, 23,8 cm Mujer 7,5/Hombre 6,5
9,5 pulgadas, 24,1 Mujeres 8/Hombres 7
9,6875 pulgadas, 24,6 cm Mujer 8,5/Hombre 7,5
9,875 pulgadas, 25,1 cm 9 mujeres/8 hombres
10 pulgadas, 25,4 cm Mujer 9,5/Hombre 8,5
10,2 pulgadas, 25,9 cm 10 femenino/9 masculino
10,32 pulgadas, 26,2 cm Mujer 10,5/Hombre 9,5
10,5 pulgadas, 26,7 cm 11 femenino/10 masculino
10,7 pulgadas, 27,2 cm Mujer 11,5/Hombre 10,5
10,825 pulgadas, 27,6 cm 12 femenino/11 masculino
11,1 pulgadas, 28,3 cm Hombres 11.5
11,25 pulgadas, 28,6 cm 12 hombres
11,56 pulgadas, 29,4 cm Hombres 13


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