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La Uinta comenzó como un experimento que combinaba el diseño de la correa Pah Tempe con las correas originales Wokova y una puntera para obtener una sandalia deportiva extremadamente estable y resistente. El Uinta es ideal para caminatas acuáticas y terrenos accidentados, pero también es lo suficientemente elegante para el uso diario. La mayoría de las sandalias minimalistas se basan en el antiguo diseño huarache. El Uinta es único porque en lugar de tener un poste para el dedo, las correas crean un bucle alrededor del dedo gordo junto con una correa que pasa por la parte delantera del pie. Esta tensión del bucle del dedo se puede ajustar por separado para darle libertad de movimiento al dedo gordo. La presilla para el dedo se puede estirar y usar sin la presilla para situaciones en las que se deseen calcetines, como una mañana fría en un viaje con mochila. Este modelo ofrece una altura de pila de 8 mm y caída cero.

Peso aproximado para W10/M9: 10 oz/par

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

I bought these because they looked comfy, but also stable. Flip flops and thongs will stabilize the front part of the shoe but leave the back open to slide around or let you slide out the back. Other hiking style sandals will stabilize the back of the shoe but only wrap over the top of the front of your foot, which allows you to slide forward in the shoe. These mix the best parts of both designs, and I absolutely love them. They disappear on your foot, and you don't even realize that you're wearing them when you get your fit dialed in. My wife thought they were ugly and made fun of me for buying more "hippy shoes" after I showed her pictures, but when I put them on, her exact words were, "OK, those actually look pretty sick." lol
I think they're great. Highly recommend.

Great sandals

I bought a pair of these about five summers ago and love them! The thickness is perfect and I like that the toe strap is optional. Makes them super versatile. I wear them (nearly) exclusively in the spring and summer. Considering replacing mine as the tread is wearing down which can make downhill hiking a little dicey, but other than that they’re still going strong. Please don’t discontinue these!

Best minimalist shoe

I've been wearing these and literally no other shoe since 2018. I'm on my third pair. I've taken them to the tops of Machu Picchu to the oceans of Indonesia. I go running every morning with them and walk the amusement parks of Florida with my family in them. I love these shoes.

With as much wear as I put on them they tend to only last about a year before the glue starts to separate and then foreign debris starts to get stuck between layers. That's really my only complaint. Wish they lasted a bit longer, but with as much use as I get out of them I definitely still feel like they are worth it.

If you've never worn a minimalist shoe before it might take a few weeks for your feet to get used to being used again, but after a bit your feet will get stronger and they will feel better than ever.

David, we are so happy to hear that the Uintas travel everywhere you go and that they have been a staple for you! We'd love to see some photos of their travel with you if you'd ever like to share! unshoesmarketing@gmail.com

Just Ok

I liked the sandals when I first got them. The strap system is easy to figure out and tighten. I’ve had my sandals for a month and one of the buckles is already broken. I haven’t done anything strenuous in them.

Hi Ashley, we're so sorry to hear about your broken shoe buckle! It should most definitely not break like that, please contact our customer service so that we can help you out!

Paul A
Going on 3 years!

I’m tall (6’4”) and went to flat shoes to address back and knee issues. I also wanted a sandal I could run in. I am glad I bought these! While the first month was painful (my calves and legs got used to walking correctly!) afterwards I wore them everywhere all the time. Back and knee pain are now a thing of the past. I’ve run a few 5k’s in them. Numerous long hikes. They are one of the best products I’ve ever owned. The soles have lost a bit of tread, but all else is fine. If you hike a lot, especially on varying terrain, I recommend this sandal because of the toe strap which gives extra stability and confidence in step placement. Don’t change a thing with this design!


Nuestras tallas se basan en la talla de calzado estándar y, por lo general, son fieles a la talla; sin embargo, sugerimos medir su pie y utilizar la tabla de tallas de calzado a continuación para determinar la mejor talla para usted. Párese con el talón contra la pared y coloque una regla o cinta métrica a lo largo de su pie para medir la distancia total desde la pared hasta la parte más larga de su pie. Si ya tienes un par de sandalias Unshoes, probablemente usarás el mismo tamaño, pero consulta la tabla para asegurarte.

Largo del pie Tamaño del zapato
8,5 pulgadas, 21,6 cm 5 mujeres
8,75 pulgadas, 22,2 pulgadas Mujer 5.5
8,875 pulgadas, 22,5 cm 6 mujeres
9,0625 pulgadas, 23 cm Mujer 6.5
9,25 pulgadas, 23,5 cm Mujer 7/Hombre 6
9,375 pulgadas, 23,8 cm Mujer 7,5/Hombre 6,5
9,5 pulgadas, 24,1 Mujeres 8/Hombres 7
9,6875 pulgadas, 24,6 cm Mujer 8,5/Hombre 7,5
9,875 pulgadas, 25,1 cm 9 mujeres/8 hombres
10 pulgadas, 25,4 cm Mujer 9,5/Hombre 8,5
10,2 pulgadas, 25,9 cm 10 femenino/9 masculino
10,32 pulgadas, 26,2 cm Mujer 10,5/Hombre 9,5
10,5 pulgadas, 26,7 cm 11 femenino/10 masculino
10,7 pulgadas, 27,2 cm Mujer 11,5/Hombre 10,5
10,825 pulgadas, 27,6 cm 12 femenino/11 masculino
11,1 pulgadas, 28,3 cm Hombres 11.5
11,25 pulgadas, 28,6 cm 12 hombres
11,56 pulgadas, 29,4 cm Hombres 13


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