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Wokova Feather
Wokova Feather
Wokova Feather
Wokova Feather
Wokova Feather

Wokova Feather

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La Wokova Feather es una versión más minimalista de la sandalia Wokova original. Cuenta con una correa ajustable más ligera con un lazo elástico de alta resistencia que mantiene las sandalias ajustadas sin quedar demasiado apretadas y también hace que sean más fáciles de poner y quitar. La pequeña cantidad de estiramiento se inspiró en la función natural de los tendones del cuerpo. Este modelo es perfecto para uso casual o activo. Su exclusivo diseño asimétrico crea un look equilibrado entre deportivo y casual. Tiene una altura de pila de ~8 mm y suela sin caída.

Peso aproximado para W10/M9: 8,5 oz/par

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Almost two year update

I left a four star comment just under two years ago and it hit me that I should put in an update. I wear these things every day that is warm enough to do so. Love ‘em. They have the most durable soles out of any minimalist footwear I’ve owned. Maybe they felt bulky at first compared to the last version, but not anymore. The tread is still prominent, straps secure, and elastic tight. Worth every penny.


Not had them long and am just starting to ware them. They seem of good quality. Love the look, still breaking my feet into the whole barefoot shoes thing. Getting used to shorter strides for less heel impact is my personal toughest. But I believe these are a great barefoot option!


I love these sandals! Very flexible sole and really nice.


I loved my feathers. When my dog chewed up one of my shoes I literally kept the chewed up shoes because I felt like I had a personal connection with them. I wore them everywhere; hiking, running, shopping, chasing kids, and even church (I would have to clean all the dirt off first). When you wash off the dirt the black feathers look so classy. I love that one shoe can be worn in almost all occasions (besides snow) Now to get a replacement.

Great sandals but minimal startup instructions

The Wokova sandal itself is solid, I've worn Earth Runners in the past and these have far more of a quality build at the same price range. The straps are comfortable yet durable. The elastic band so far seems like it will not snap despite being under fair bit of tension. The sole is flexible but doesn't flop around under the toes like Earth Runners, which used to cause trips going up stairs. My only negative feedback would the the lack of instructions on how to set up your sandals. It took me and my roommate 48 hrs to finally crack the code, almost considered just tossing them out at one point but finally got it after a while. The only clue you get is the profile picture of the feet found on the product page. That helps get the layering of the straps right but you have to adjust it to your desired level of tightness, cut the remaining strap and burn the ends so they don't unweave over time. After that it slips on like any other sandal, just don't mess with the straps afterwards, but a simple instruction slip in the package or the website could've avoided alot of hassle. I wear size 8.5 US shoes and these 8 size unshoes fit nice and snug, not too much room around the feet and not too little. Still haven't tested them for hiking etc let's see how they hold up. Overall good so far!


Nuestras tallas se basan en la talla de calzado estándar y, por lo general, son fieles a la talla; sin embargo, sugerimos medir su pie y utilizar la tabla de tallas de calzado a continuación para determinar la mejor talla para usted. Párese con el talón contra la pared y coloque una regla o cinta métrica a lo largo de su pie para medir la distancia total desde la pared hasta la parte más larga de su pie. Si ya tienes un par de sandalias Unshoes, probablemente usarás el mismo tamaño, pero consulta la tabla para asegurarte.

Largo del pie Tamaño del zapato
8,5 pulgadas, 21,6 cm 5 mujeres
8,75 pulgadas, 22,2 pulgadas Mujer 5.5
8,875 pulgadas, 22,5 cm 6 mujeres
9,0625 pulgadas, 23 cm Mujer 6.5
9,25 pulgadas, 23,5 cm Mujer 7/Hombre 6
9,375 pulgadas, 23,8 cm Mujer 7,5/Hombre 6,5
9,5 pulgadas, 24,1 Mujeres 8/Hombres 7
9,6875 pulgadas, 24,6 cm Mujer 8,5/Hombre 7,5
9,875 pulgadas, 25,1 cm 9 mujeres/8 hombres
10 pulgadas, 25,4 cm Mujer 9,5/Hombre 8,5
10,2 pulgadas, 25,9 cm 10 femenino/9 masculino
10,32 pulgadas, 26,2 cm Mujer 10,5/Hombre 9,5
10,5 pulgadas, 26,7 cm 11 femenino/10 masculino
10,7 pulgadas, 27,2 cm Mujer 11,5/Hombre 10,5
10,825 pulgadas, 27,6 cm 12 femenino/11 masculino
11,1 pulgadas, 28,3 cm Hombres 11.5
11,25 pulgadas, 28,6 cm 12 hombres
11,56 pulgadas, 29,4 cm Hombres 13


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