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Custom Wokova Feather Sandal
Custom Wokova Feather Sandal
Custom Wokova Feather Sandal

Custom Wokova Feather Sandal

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The Wokova Feather is a more minimal version of the original Wokova sandal. It features a lighter adjustable strap with a high-strength elastic loop that keeps the sandals snug without being overly tight and also makes them easier to slip on and off. This design was inspired by runners but this model is perfect for casual wear and is the most popular model among women.

Templates Chart

Template 1: Average width, toe line curves downward from the big toe toward the smallest toe. This is our most common template.

Template 2: Toe line rounded in front. Slightly wide forefoot and average heel width.

Template 3: This template is for those with flat feet or fallen arches. Toe line curves downward toward small toe.

Template 4: This template is for those with a narrower foot. Toe line curves downward from big toe. This is a common template for women.

Template 5: This template is for those with a narrower foot. Toe line curves downward from big toe. This is a common template for women.

Template 6: This template is for a wide foot. The toe line curves downward from the big toe.


 Size   Temp 1  Temp 2  Temp 3  Temp 4  Temp 5 Temp 6

Women's 5


Women's 5.5


Women's 6

Women's 6.5

Women's 7/Men's 6

Women's 7.5/Men's 6.5

Women's 8/Men's 7

Women's 8.5/Men's 7.5

Women's 9/Men's 8

Women's 9.5/Men's 8.5

Women's 10/Men's 9

Women's 10.5/Men's 9.5

Women's 11/Men's 10

Women's 11.5/Men's 10.5

Women's 12/Men's 11

Men's 11.5

Men's 12

Men's 13

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
My favorite sandals

I ordered customs sandals which were made and sent to me super fast. The customer service at Unshoes is fabulous!!!!

Almost perfect

I got a Womens 7, Template 4, Toe Strap 5, 4mm tread and ultra 4mm footbed.


They feel good to walk in. The asymmetrical strap took a little getting used to, but I can feel my calves working a little more and it feels good, just like with my low-drop running shoes. (This is my first pair of barefoot sandals)

Love the custom options. I have narrow feet and it can be hard to find shoes that fit right.

They perform. I went with the 4mm tread because it's lighter and I want to use these as backpacking camp shoes. I was a little worried they wouldn't have enough grip, but so far I'm happy with the way they have performed on trails!

I love the way the asymmetrical strap looks! They still have an outdoorsy look but I would absolutely wear these with a casual dress or skirt.


It took a little while to get the hang of putting them on. I'm faster now, but I still need two hands. If I could do it over I would probably go with the Keotas for easier on/off, even though I love the asymmetrical look of the Wokovas.

There is strap is a bit long and hangs by my heel, and I could step on it if I didn't tuck it over the heel strap. I might cut the extra off or add a rubber band to keep it from flopping around. It's a minor thing, but could be improved.

Overall I'm very happy with my purchase! I love the way they look and feel. I reach for them all the time for walks around the neighborhood and climbing/hiking trips.


Our sizing is based on standard shoe sizing and is typically true to size, however, we suggest measuring your foot and and using the shoe size chart below to determine the best size for you. Stand with your heel against a wall and place a ruler or measuring tape along your foot to measure the total distance from the wall to the longest part of your foot. If you already own a pair of Unshoes sandals, you will likely wear the same size but please check the chart to make sure.

 Foot Length  Shoe Size
 8.5 in, 21.6 cm  Women's 5
 8.75 in, 22.2 com  Women's 5.5
 8.875 in, 22.5 cm  Women's 6
 9.0625 in, 23 cm  Women's 6.5
 9.25 in, 23.5 cm  Women's 7/Men's 6
 9.375 in, 23.8 cm  Women's 7.5/Men's 6.5
 9.5 in, 24.1  Women's 8/Men's 7
 9.6875 in, 24.6 cm  Women's 8.5/Men's 7.5
 9.875 in, 25.1 cm  Women's 9/Men's 8
 10 in, 25.4 cm  Women's 9.5/Men's 8.5
 10.2 in, 25.9 cm  Women's 10/Men's 9
 10.32 in, 26.2 cm  Women's 10.5/Men's 9.5
 10.5 in, 26.7 cm  Women's 11/Men's 10
 10.7 in, 27.2 cm  Women's 11.5/Men's 10.5
 10.825 in, 27.6 cm  Women's 12/Men's 11
 11.1 in, 28.3 cm  Men's 11.5
 11.25 in, 28.6 cm  Men's 12
 11.56 in, 29.4 cm  Men's 13


Click here for more information on Sandals sizing. 

Click here for more information on Children's sizing.