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Unshoes Wokova Feather model sport sandals for men and women.

What is Unshoes' return or exchange policy?

Please click here to see our returns page

Need sizing help?

Check out our printable templates here. The standard templates should be used for all of our adult sandal models as well as the Forager model. The slim templates should be used for our slim width Saffron sandal as well as the Primrose and Terra Vida models. These templates represent the approximate finished inside measurements of the shoes and the finished sole shape of the sandals.

Custom sandal templates can be found on any of the custom sandal pages and children's sandals templates can be found here.

Sandal FAQ:

What options are included with the standard sandals?

All of our standard sandals are now made using template 1 and a toe location of #4 (if applicable). The stack height for all of our sandal models (excluding the Saffron) is approximately 8mm. If you prefer to select your sole shape, toe strap location, custom sandals can be ordered for an additional cost. 

How much room should I leave between my toes and the edge of the template?

The final sole shape of your sandal will be the same as the template (although there may be some very slight variations). The amount of excess sole is ultimately up to your own personal preference. However, we recommend that your toes are comfortably positioned within the sole outline and that there is not more than 3/4 inch of space in front of your toes. Too much excess sole can cause the front of the sole to catch and cause tripping.

For models with a strap between the toes, use a pen/pencil with the tip placed on the toe strap marking on the template to act as the "strap" so that you can see how the toe strap will place your feet on the sandals.

For the Pah Tempe model, please note that the fixed heel strap can push the foot forward a bit from the back of the sandals so you will want to allow approximately 1/4"-1/2" of space behind your heel when standing on the template.

My Keota/Wokova Feather sandals are loose and floppy. I have tightened the straps as tight as they go. Can you help?

The strap system on the Keota and Wokova Feather sandals is designed to be tightened almost infinitely. Simply sliding the buckle back and forth does not tighten or loosen the sandals. Here is a video that will help explain the adjustment process. Please be sure that the buckle is not resting against the elastic/toe loop on the sandals but rather slide it back towards the ankle a bit. This will help you be able to continue to adjust the sandals to make them fit better.

Are your sandals vegan?

Yes, all of our sport sandals (does not include the Wildflower line) are made with vegan materials and are cruelty-free. We also offer the Terra Vida in natural hemp and cotton materials as a vegan closed-toe shoe option.

What sandal model would you recommend for running?

While we do not consider ourselves a “running sandal” company, the Wokova Feather was designed with runners in mind. The webbing is narrower and lighter. The buckle system takes a little more to get adjusted but once it is set at the right tension the high-tensile elastic loop allows some stretch to get the sandals on and off more easily. It also creates a "suspension" system that holds the sandal to the foot securely while allowing it to stretch as the foot flexes. The new Keota model also has similar features to the Feather.

For hiking?

All of our models are commonly used for hiking depending on the intensity of the hike. If you are on a longer distance hike and the toe strap may bother you, the Pah Tempe is a good option. The Pah Tempe is very secure for rugged terrain, water, and any time when lateral movement is required. It can also be paired with regular socks if necessary.

The Uinta also offers great stability especially at the front of the foot for downhill hiking and in water situations such as river crossings.

If you are backpacking then you will likely want sandals that can be paired with socks. The Pah Tempe and the Uinta can both be worn with regular socks.

Can Unshoes sandals get wet?

Yes! Unshoes sport sandals are waterproof and are great for use in all sorts of water activities. (We do not recommend getting our leather shoes wet.) They can also be hand washed when needed. Read here for more info about how to wash your Unshoes sandals. 

Do you ship overseas? If so, how do I place my order?

Yes, we frequently ship sandals all over the world including Australia, Singapore, Japan, Russia, Israel and more! Shipping is calculated at checkout and is based upon the weight of your order. You can easily place your order directly through our website and check out using your credit card or PayPal account.

Custom Sandal FAQ:

Can I return my custom sandals?

Custom sandals are not returnable and cannot be exchanged unless they were made incorrectly or are otherwise defective.

What if I can see more than one number between my toes? How should I choose one?

You should stand on the sole template and position your foot as you would like it to fit. Take a pencil and place a mark between your toes, all the way back against your foot where the toes connect. You can then remove your foot from the template and see what number correlates closest to the dot you made. You can double check that number by placing the tip of the pencil on the dot and then placing your foot back on the template with the pencil between your toes as if it were the toe strap.



Closed-Toe Shoes FAQ:

What if I have a wide or narrow foot? Can I choose a different template shape?

We cannot customize the sole shape of our closed-toe shoes. The Foragers are our widest closed-toe model with the Primrose and Terra Vida being a bit narrower. Please refer to the sizing chart on the product page for help in selecting the right size.

Our standard sandal template (on any sandal model page) can be used to help with sizing of the Foragers and our Slim Saffron (Wildflower) template may be helpful in sizing the Primrose and Terra Vida models.

Are the closed-toe shoes waterproof?

Our brown Foragers can be treated with waterproofing leather conditioner but the top piece is hand sewn and the holes are not waterproof. Our suede models can be sprayed with a suede waterproofing but in general, we don't recommend suede in wet conditions. The Terra Vida model is not waterproof but can get wet and can be hand-washed in lukewarm water as needed. The Primrose model is not waterproof and it is not recommended that they get wet if possible.

Can your shoes be worn with CorrectToes?

It depends! We have sent some of our closed-toe shoes to the people at CorrectToes for testing. They have given the Foragers their endorsement and the Primrose and Terra Vida are considered possible options though it will depend on how wide your feet are. For more information, you can visit the CorrectToes website.