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Terra Vida Black
Terra Vida Black
Terra Vida Black
Terra Vida Black
Terra Vida Black
Terra Vida Black

Terra Vida Black

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The Terra Vida is not just a "lifestyle" shoe, it is a movement lifestyle shoe! It is designed as a versatile everyday shoe for active people that will move with you in a wide variety of situations. It features elastic so you can slip it on and off easily, but it has a more snug fit around the ankle so that it is secure as you move. This vegan shoe is made of 100% hemp canvas with a brushed 100% cotton liner. This model features a thin 6mm stack-height. As always, it is made in the USA, is ultra-lightweight, zero-drop, flexible, and has a roomy toe box to allow your toes to function naturally! The hemp canvas will stretch and mold to your foot after a short break-in period.

Hemp naturally doesn’t take dyes as well as some materials and therefore has a tendency to fade faster than cotton and synthetics.

Below are internal measurements between seams. Please note that these are hand made, and there may be some slight variance between measurements and each individual shoe.  Also, keep in mind that the hemp does stretch and there is a break in period. The upper has a tendency to fold inward toward the foot for a few days while the shoes are broken in so it sometimes feels smaller than it is. These are not suited for people with a high instep.
Still have questions or concerns with sizing? Feel free to reach out to us and we can help you get the sizing right.

Size Length Midfoot width forefoot width
Women’s 5 9 in 2.2 in 3.24 in
Women’s 5.5 9.19 in 2.2 in 3.3 in
Women’s 6 9.375 in 2.25 in 3.4 in
Women’s 6.5 9.5 in 2.25 in 3.48 in
Women’s 7 Men’s 6 9.66 in 2.3 in 3.5 in
Women’s 7.5 Men’s 6.5 9.75 in 2.47 in 3.58 in
Women’s 8 Men’s 7 10 in 2.56 in 3.65 in
Women’s 8.5 Men’s 7.5 10.25 in 2.65 in 3.75 in
Women’s 9 Men’s 8 10.375 in 2.73 in 3.8 in
Women’s 9.5 Men’s 8.5 10.45 in 2.78 in 3.92 in
Women’s 10 Men’s 9 10.65 in 2.78 in 3.95 in
Women’s 10.5 Men’s 9.5 10.875 in 2.8 in 3.98 in
Women’s 11 Men’s 10 11 in 2.84 in 4 in
Women’s 11.5 Men’s 10.5 11.15 in 2.9 in 4.15 in
Women's 12 men's 11 11.4 in 2.92 in 4.2 in
Men’s 11.5 11.52 in 3 in 4.3 in
Men’s 12.5 11.875 in 3.15 in 4.32 in

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great but sweaty underfoot

While I love these I do find the footbed gets slippery when sweaty. I'll need to find a thin insole.
But super comfortable otherwise!

Finally barefoot at work!

I was struggling to find barefoot shoes that were appropriate to wear to work with dress pants or tights. These are perfect! They look like Toms but feel like a barefoot sandal. Canvas was a little stiff first few days, but formed to my foot as promised. Just got some in navy!


Super roomy toebox and great ground feel. Fits loose enough to wear with thick socks, but still comfortable without socks as well.

Love these shoes

The Terra Vida is my go to shoe. Very light and comfortable. The perfect barefoot (barely there sole) shoe.


Our sizing is based on standard shoe sizing and is typically true to size, however, we suggest measuring your foot and and using the shoe size chart below to determine the best size for you. Stand with your heel against a wall and place a ruler or measuring tape along your foot to measure the total distance from the wall to the longest part of your foot. If you already own a pair of Unshoes sandals, you will likely wear the same size but please check the chart to make sure.

 Foot Length  Shoe Size
 8.5 in, 21.6 cm  Women's 5
 8.75 in, 22.2 com  Women's 5.5
 8.875 in, 22.5 cm  Women's 6
 9.0625 in, 23 cm  Women's 6.5
 9.25 in, 23.5 cm  Women's 7/Men's 6
 9.375 in, 23.8 cm  Women's 7.5/Men's 6.5
 9.5 in, 24.1  Women's 8/Men's 7
 9.6875 in, 24.6 cm  Women's 8.5/Men's 7.5
 9.875 in, 25.1 cm  Women's 9/Men's 8
 10 in, 25.4 cm  Women's 9.5/Men's 8.5
 10.2 in, 25.9 cm  Women's 10/Men's 9
 10.32 in, 26.2 cm  Women's 10.5/Men's 9.5
 10.5 in, 26.7 cm  Women's 11/Men's 10
 10.7 in, 27.2 cm  Women's 11.5/Men's 10.5
 10.825 in, 27.6 cm  Women's 12/Men's 11
 11.1 in, 28.3 cm  Men's 11.5
 11.25 in, 28.6 cm  Men's 12
 11.56 in, 29.4 cm  Men's 13


Click here for more information on Sandals sizing. 

Click here for more information on Children's sizing.