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Wokova Feather
Wokova Feather
Wokova Feather
Wokova Feather
Wokova Feather

Wokova Feather

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The Wokova Feather is a more minimal version of the original Wokova sandal. It features a lighter adjustable strap with a high-strength elastic loop that keeps the sandals snug without being overly tight and also makes them easier to slip on and off. The small amount of stretch was inspired by the natural function of tendons in the body. This model is perfect for casual or active wear. Its unique asymmetrical design creates a balanced look between sporty and casual. It has a ~8mm stack height, zero-drop sole.

Approximate weight for W10/M9: 8.5 oz/pair

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Samantha Matush
Love Love Love

Exactly what I wanted for a daily sandal so glad I got them! The fit is right as long as you measure and get the appropriate size. The straps are soft on my skin and the bottoms are thin and durable.

Just perfect!

I will say that I needed a few days to adjust to these. I have not worn "flip flops" in maybe 40 years.
After wearing them around the house, then in the back yard I was able to reacquaint myself to the whole between the toe thing. After that it took a few brief outings to dial in the adjustment. (Why does this confuse some people?)
Now they are prefect! Pretty close to nothing on your feet. Plenty of ground feel, with just enough protection. They are well made and well designed. Unshoes is a great company to deal with.

Poor quality

Very poor quality unevenly made have nuances on the sole

We are sorry that our quality is not up to your standards. We have found that the partial tread helps with overall comfort for the wearer, since it still provides support and tread to the edge of the shoe. Please let us know how you think the problem should be fixed and we will see if we can reasonably apply that to our process!

Laurie Friedel

I gave these as a gift to my husband. He wears them all the time. Loves them

Almost two year update

I left a four star comment just under two years ago and it hit me that I should put in an update. I wear these things every day that is warm enough to do so. Love ‘em. They have the most durable soles out of any minimalist footwear I’ve owned. Maybe they felt bulky at first compared to the last version, but not anymore. The tread is still prominent, straps secure, and elastic tight. Worth every penny.


Our sizing is based on standard shoe sizing and is typically true to size, however, we suggest measuring your foot and and using the shoe size chart below to determine the best size for you. Stand with your heel against a wall and place a ruler or measuring tape along your foot to measure the total distance from the wall to the longest part of your foot. If you already own a pair of Unshoes sandals, you will likely wear the same size but please check the chart to make sure.

 Foot Length  Shoe Size
 8.5 in, 21.6 cm  Women's 5
 8.75 in, 22.2 com  Women's 5.5
 8.875 in, 22.5 cm  Women's 6
 9.0625 in, 23 cm  Women's 6.5
 9.25 in, 23.5 cm  Women's 7/Men's 6
 9.375 in, 23.8 cm  Women's 7.5/Men's 6.5
 9.5 in, 24.1  Women's 8/Men's 7
 9.6875 in, 24.6 cm  Women's 8.5/Men's 7.5
 9.875 in, 25.1 cm  Women's 9/Men's 8
 10 in, 25.4 cm  Women's 9.5/Men's 8.5
 10.2 in, 25.9 cm  Women's 10/Men's 9
 10.32 in, 26.2 cm  Women's 10.5/Men's 9.5
 10.5 in, 26.7 cm  Women's 11/Men's 10
 10.7 in, 27.2 cm  Women's 11.5/Men's 10.5
 10.825 in, 27.6 cm  Women's 12/Men's 11
 11.1 in, 28.3 cm  Men's 11.5
 11.25 in, 28.6 cm  Men's 12
 11.56 in, 29.4 cm  Men's 13


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