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Forager Grey
Forager Grey
Forager Grey
Forager Grey
Forager Grey
Forager Grey

Forager Grey

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Like our original sandal design, the Unshoes Forager is based on ancient footwear with contemporary design elements. This moccasin-inspired shoe is designed as a highly versatile shoe that can perform in a wide variety of situations. It features a 4mm rubber sole and a removable insert with approximately 7mm total stack height. It is made of suede and is very flexible and molds to the unique shape of each foot. These shoes are extremely soft, supple, and lightweight which makes them some of the most comfortable and minimal shoes out there!

As always, our shoes are flexible, zero-drop, have a foot-shaped toe box, and are made in the USA. The leather has a short break-in period, so it is ok if they are a little snug when you first put them on. Leather is an extremely flexible and pliable material and will relax and stretch some with wear.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Ted Capps
Great Shoe

These are my new favorite shows. They come tight for the size, but after a few times on the foot, they fit great.


I was delighted when I slipped on my Forager Moccasin Unshoes! They ate so soft and comfortable, and the are the perfect fit!

Great shoes

These are my new favorite shoes. Perfect for being barefoot even when it is colder. The very thin but durable sole is great for feeling the ground. I have other closed minimal shoes but these are the best I have found.

Jonathan Alexander
Disappointed design change

I just recieved a new pair of forager shoes. I have worn my original pair for years and have been very satisfied. The new pair has a new lace design. It is now a stretch cord rather than the original leather cord. To obtain the same tightness requires much more of the stretch cord. The result is way too much cord that I am likely to trip over. I am going to attempt to transplant my old leather cord to the new shoes. Hope the company changes back to the original design.

We're sorry to hear that the new laces have been disappointing. The stretch cord is designed to be durable and flexible. The laces were placed in mind to be able to snip them to your desired length! Trimming them should fix that issue entirely!

Great shoe

Super comfortable. Fit to snug is a better starting point because these are so relaxed. This is a really comfortable shoe and I recommend the toe inserts


Our sizing is based on standard shoe sizing and is typically true to size, however, we suggest measuring your foot and and using the shoe size chart below to determine the best size for you. Stand with your heel against a wall and place a ruler or measuring tape along your foot to measure the total distance from the wall to the longest part of your foot. If you already own a pair of Unshoes sandals, you will likely wear the same size but please check the chart to make sure.

 Foot Length  Shoe Size
 8.5 in, 21.6 cm  Women's 5
 8.75 in, 22.2 com  Women's 5.5
 8.875 in, 22.5 cm  Women's 6
 9.0625 in, 23 cm  Women's 6.5
 9.25 in, 23.5 cm  Women's 7/Men's 6
 9.375 in, 23.8 cm  Women's 7.5/Men's 6.5
 9.5 in, 24.1  Women's 8/Men's 7
 9.6875 in, 24.6 cm  Women's 8.5/Men's 7.5
 9.875 in, 25.1 cm  Women's 9/Men's 8
 10 in, 25.4 cm  Women's 9.5/Men's 8.5
 10.2 in, 25.9 cm  Women's 10/Men's 9
 10.32 in, 26.2 cm  Women's 10.5/Men's 9.5
 10.5 in, 26.7 cm  Women's 11/Men's 10
 10.7 in, 27.2 cm  Women's 11.5/Men's 10.5
 10.825 in, 27.6 cm  Women's 12/Men's 11
 11.1 in, 28.3 cm  Men's 11.5
 11.25 in, 28.6 cm  Men's 12
 11.56 in, 29.4 cm  Men's 13


Click here for more information on Sandals sizing. 

Click here for more information on Children's sizing.