Please be aware that our products are all handmade in the US and our current production time may be up to 3 weeks.

Sizing Templates

We have worked hard to keep our sizing system as simple, and as true to size as possible. However, every foot is unique and we highly recommend using our sizing chart and downloading the appropriate template to determine your size. Sandal sizing is very dependent on personal preference so the downloadable templates below are key to determining the size that will suit you best. If you are ordering closed to shoes such as the Forager or Terra Vida, we recommend looking mostly at the size chart. 

Download and print our sizing template to double check your size.


 Women's 5
 Women's 5.5 
 Women's 6
 Women's 6.5
 Women's 7/Men's 6
 Women's 7.5/Men's 6.5
 Women's 8/Men's 7 
 Women's 8.5/Men's 7.5
 Women's 9/Men's 8
 Women's 9.5/Men's 8.5
 Women's 10/Men's 9
 Women's 10.5/Men's 9.5
 Women's 11/Men's 10
 Women's 11.5/Men's 10.5
 Women's 12/Men's 11
 Men's 11.5
 Men's 12
 Men's 13

If you need a size larger than Men's 13 please contact us.

Slim (Saffron Slim)

 Women's 6

Women's 6.5

Women's 7

Women's 7.5

Women's 8

Women's 8.5

Women's 9

Women's 9.5

Women's 10

Women's 10.5

Women's 11

Women's 11.5

Women's 12


How much room should I leave between my toes and the edge of the template?

The final sole shape of your sandal will be the same as the template (although there may be some very slight variations). The amount of excess sole is ultimately up to your own personal preference. However, we recommend that your toes are comfortably positioned within the sole outline and that there is not more than 3/4 inch of space in front of your toes. Too much excess sole can cause the front of the sole to catch and cause tripping.